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Why Is New Years Eve No Longer The Big Night Out?

Rick Baines December 19, 2013 Comments Off on Why Is New Years Eve No Longer The Big Night Out?

Talking with one of my work colleagues yesterday we remarked on how the late night landscape has changed over the last decade. Ten years ago Halloween was little more than a curiosity for the UK late night bar industry. It is now probably the single biggest night of the year. Indeed Halloween 2013 not only fell on a  Thursday night, ideal for making a big sales evening, but also had a massive impact on the Friday and Saturday night of November 1 and 2 with people going out in larger numbers and dressing up in fancy dress costume to enjoy an extended weekend of  Halloween fun.

So why is New Years Eve no longer the big night out?

New Years Eve is still a big night in the calendar. A landmark evening. It is celebrated in some way by most people in the UK. Just not always with a big night out , particularly in a city centre, anymore. At Live Music Management we have a bit of an insight into why this is.

Right the way through to the Millennium New Years Eve retained it’s pole position as the biggest night out in the UK calendar. Come the millennium there were high hopes from the events and bar industry that the evening was going to be a bumper bonanza for sales. Unfortunately amongst the genuine players in the industry came a number of profiteers and a general air of boom time which led to one of the biggest bubbles ever seen in the leisure industry. People were hiring venues and trying to sell inflated price tickets for Millennium New Years Eve parties. Bands and DJs doubled, trebled and even quadrupled their fee’s in an attempt to cash in. Taxi drivers were allowed to put up their prices.

The millennium eve was billed as the biggest party ever. Even the government got in on the action with the Millennium Dome (now the 02 Arena) being built at astronomical cost for a one off damp squib of a party night.

It appears to us that since the millennium New Years Eve has never fully recovered. People are , understandably , wary of high ticket prices and non value for money nights. Those who have profited from this are local venues , supermarket wet sales and fireworks sales men (you only have to look at the night sky at midnight on NYE to see how many house parties are happening around town.)

The winners in the wider events and night time industry on New Years Eve are those venues that offer good value nights out with some quality added. Venues that offer something special which won’t break the bank. There are many venues that Live Music Management supply party DJs and bands to that already have full bookings or a large number of pre booked parties for New Years Eve due to an unbeatable combination of good quality entertainment and reasonable ticket prices.

This blog was written by one of the entertainment specialists at Live Music Management


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