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What Is Mad Friday?

Rick Baines December 17, 2013 Comments Off on What Is Mad Friday?

“What is Mad Friday?” I hear you ask. Mad Friday is the name given to the Friday before Xmas. The last Friday in December before the Christmas holidays. It’s the day when , traditionally, companies break up for the holidays and all the employees go to the pub for drinks with their colleagues.

Over time it’s evolved into the day when people who should know better go out on an all day drinking binge. Everybody seems to be talking about Mad Friday at the moment. When Live Music Management began supplying the pub , club and bar industry with DJs and bands Mad Friday was an insiders secret. It was something mentioned by everyone in the bar trade but not by the man in the street.

Over the years the Friday before Christmas seems to have seeped into popular culture to the point where I heard an old lady in the corner shop mentioning Mad Friday yesterday (presumably not because she was going out on an all day bender!) Mad Friday also goes by the name of Black Friday but over the last few years the United States meaning of Black Friday has been popularised in the UK. For people living in the USA Black Friday is the Friday before Thanks Giving when the retail outlets offer massive sales and discounts (sometimes resulting in mini shopping riots when limited offer discounts are announced.)

It would be my guess that this version of Black Friday has crossed over the Atlantic with it’s common usage by online companies like Amazon and the number of times it is mentioned by youtubers from the United States. So what is Mad Friday? For Live Music Management it is a day when many of our DJs will be asked to start work earlier in order to get a great atmosphere in the bars that we supply to.

Many of these bars will have DJs starting as early as 1pm or 2pm. Some of them have arranged live music for part of the afternoon in order to increase dwell time and maximise the bar take (both wet sales and food) on a day when the High Streets of the UK will be much busier than they are on a usual Friday. Mad Friday will be a day when we can expect calls from venues who are trying to gauge what time to start their entertainment. Some of them will have DJs on stand by to start earlier if required and work later if needed.

New Years Eve gets much of the attention by the media but it is Mad Friday that often has the busier trade. If you are going out on Mad Friday enjoy the atmosphere. There is nothing like being in a busy club or bar with a great buzz. Please drink responsibly and enjoy yourself. Have a great day/night . Live Music Management are an entertainment agency who book DJs and bands into many of the High Streets busiest bars and clubs.

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