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Whacky Wedding Entertainment

Rick March 30, 2016 Comments Off on Whacky Wedding Entertainment
Whacky Wedding Entertainment
Whacky Wedding Entertainment

Whacky Wedding Entertainment

The sophisticated jazz band and the formal function band are not on the wish list of every Bride and Groom. There are  a significant minority of wedding couples who require something a little more off the wall for their wedding day entertainment and todays blog is about the whacky wedding entertainment offered by Live Music Management , one of the UK’s premier band and DJ agencies.#

Whacky wedding entertainment can take many guises . At the tame end of whacky it can take the form of a themed band performing in costume or playing a specially selected set list. Whacky can also go right off the scale with bag pipers and dancers playing house music classics , jazz bands playing as the Star Wars  cantina band , live bands playing on stilts , teams of drummers interrupting the service with a Brazilian beat , pick pockets roaming around the guests and getting up to mischief and champagne pouring burlesque ladies hanging from the ceiling on a silk rope in order to replenish guests drinks. Over the years Live Music Management have booked it all. Here are our top five whacky wedding entertainment ideas.

  1. Pop Up Musicians . The whole singing waiters thing is so last century but musicians that take your audience by surprise, producing instruments strategically placed around the church or wedding venue, that’s a different whacked out entertainment idea!
  2. Bands On Stilts. How tall is the average musician? In most cases they are smaller than they appear on stage. Not our stilt band though. They stand at a good 9 foot tall…..and they play so well that our man Alex booked them for his own wedding!
  3. LED Robots. Kids love robots. So do adults. Book a 9 foot LED robot from Live Music Management for your wedding and you will see just how much fun can be had from unleashing your guests inner child. You will find everyone wants to dance and have their photo taken with a robot.
  4. The Big Button Boys. They are jazz but they play pop. They sing in an English accent. They are very accomplished musicians. They add something very different to the arrangements of classic rock and pop tunes. Everybody loves them and you don’t know what’s coming next.
  5. A contemporary Harpist. Our harpist has played at Glastonbury and many , many events. He plays harp versions of pop and rock tunes. Perfect for a drinks reception or ceremony.

Hope you have found this blog interesting. We have a million and one ideas for your whacky wedding entertainment. Feel free to call us on 08454 900515 if you want more.

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