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Help With Wedding Entertainment Planning?

Rick February 8, 2016 Comments Off on Help With Wedding Entertainment Planning?
Help with wedding entertainment planning
Help with wedding entertainment planning

Help with wedding entertainment planning

I spoke to a really friendly Groom earlier today. He had a fairly clear idea of what entertainment he wanted for his wedding reception . His fiancé had spent some time singing in a band as a teenager and he wanted to surprise her on the night by booking a band that could not only play a party set and sing some of their favourite songs but also offer a live karaoke set.

We were able to point him in the direction of several Rockaoke aka Bandeoke bands available on the date of their wedding. These function bands all had experience of playing weddings and were all set up to offer exactly what he needed in order to present the Bride with the opportunity of singing with a fully professional live band on the big day. A couple of the bands had even appeared on television doing exactly that on shows like “Show and Tell.”

At the end of our twenty minutes on the phone this particular Groom thanked me profusely and then said, “Its the first time I have planned a wedding…..and hopefully it will be my last!”

A wedding entertainment agency like Live Music Management plan and schedule bands for weddings on a daily basis. Every wedding is different but we have a wide and broad range of knowledge and experience to call upon in order to help with wedding entertainment planning. Its a big part of what we do.

Here are our top five tips for planning wedding entertainment.

  1. Start looking at bands and DJs as soon as you have settled on a date for your wedding and a venue is booked. Bands can get booked years in advance .It is  common for bands to get booked twelve months to eighteen months in advance.
  2. Think about your guest list. Don’t book a band or DJ simply on the tastes of your group of friends if you will also have family at the event. Likewise don’t just try and satisfy your older relatives. A recent wedding I went to had booked a swing band that bored the majority of the young and lively guest list but were loved by the Bride and Grooms parents/ grand parents. The Bride  turned out to have been pressured by her Mum to please the relatives but this left the Bride and Grooms friends on the side lines. There could have , easily , been a compromise band available.
  3. Get a written quotation and find out if there are any hidden extra’s (VAT , Accommodation , travel or food and drink.)
  4. Ask what happens in the case of sickness . Does the band / agency / DJ  have a back up/ emergency service to deal with last minute emergencies.
  5. Find out how many weddings per annum the act play at. Are they  experienced at providing wedding entertainment.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you want help with wedding entertainment planning then Live Music Management offer a free telephone consultation on 08454 900515 or can answer questions posed by email on



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