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Wedding Band VS Wedding DJ

Rick June 10, 2016 Comments Off on Wedding Band VS Wedding DJ
Live Music Management
Live Music Management

Live Music Management

Live Music Management are uniquely placed to offer best advise on whether a wedding DJ or a wedding band would be the best entertainment for your wedding. Live Music Management are one of the UKs largest DJ agencies with hundreds of DJ bookings per week in bars , night clubs , weddings and private events and are also a major supplier of function bands to weddings. The following is our attempt to give the definitive overview of the pros and cons of each option.


A wedding band will generally cost more than a wedding DJ. Wedding DJs can start from as little as £250 (but a typical cost would be between £350 and £500 for a DJ with a standard small PA and lighting rig for a wedding of around one hundred people.) You should be suspicious of any band costing less than £700 and a typical cost for a wedding band would be between £800 and £1500 (there are premium bands costing more than this but for the purpose of this blog we will generalise.)

It is worth noting that there are live music options with duos and soloists that will cost more or less the same as a DJ.


Bands will generally need a performance space of at least 8 foot deep by 16 foot wide. A DJ can set up in a space smaller than this. A soloist or DJ should take up a similar amount of space as a DJ.


In theory a DJ can control their volume much easier than a full band. Generally a bands volume is always going to be effected by the volume of the drums. Acoustic drums tend to set the basis for the volume of the rest of the band. That said some bands now have electronic kits for spaces with acoustic issues and others can dampen the kit to reduce the volume of the band. There are also DJs out there that insist on being loud. It is worth talking to an agent like Live Music Management who can offer impartial advise about the volume of certain acts. Again a solo or duo with backing tracks or acoustic instruments will be able to control the volume of their performance.

Entertainment Value

Call me biased but a quality band is unbeatable in terms of entertainment value. They are  visually entertaining and provide a focus for wedding guests who might not necessarily want to dance. A professional wedding band with a wide set list will appeal to all age groups. A great band will be a centre piece to the evenings festivities. However if you know that your guests are just going to want to dance the night away then a DJ will have a larger play list than the worlds best wedding band and a better ability to take requests when Aunt Mimi wants to hear that obscure punk record from the time she spent living in a squat in Camden!

Public Liability Insurance and PAT Certs

Most wedding venues will require public liability insurance and PAT certificates from your entertainers whether band or DJ.

We hope that this blog is helpful. Whether choosing to book a wedding band or a wedding DJ please try and choose a professional. Get some advise from friends and relatives but also speak to a company like Live Music Management who have twenty years of experience and a multitude of long term clients to back up our credibility as honest brokers of wedding entertainment. The office is on 08454 900515 or you can email

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