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Top Ten School Prom Movies

Rick June 26, 2015 Comments Off on Top Ten School Prom Movies
Top Ten School Prom Movies

School prom season is with us once again and this year it’s bigger than ever.

My English daughters are enjoying almost the exact same experience as their cousins over in North America , where the school prom craze originated from in the first place , and Live Music Management are booking even more cover bands than in previous years for up market prom parties which have all the glitz , glamour and sophistication of the best corporate events.

The leavers ball market in the UK is now worth in excess of £80 million. This year there are prom fashion parades , a Company magazine app , dedicated websites, limousine companies and event organisers. A friend of mine who runs a tux rental company bemoans the fact that his biggest dates of the year are no longer around Xmas and New Year .The biggest tux rental dates are in the Summer months when teenagers descend upon his shop to rent their first evening wear.

Live Music Management party DJ’s and function bands recognise that they have to have a set list tailored to this discerning audience. This teenage audience know exactly what they like from a live band or DJ manning the decks.

Where did all this prom party mania begin?

It could well be argued that it originated with the movies and in todays blog Live Music Management salute our top ten school prom movies…..from horror movie to 80’s teen comedy and coming of age film they have shaped the UK school students leaving year disco into a mirage image of the USA prom.

1. Carrie . The ultimate school prom horror movie where the down trodden geek gets their revenge.

2. Grease. One of the great musicals and the number one feel good movie. Despite the fact that the high school students all look about thirty there can’t be many people who have watched this film and not wanted to go back to the old school.

3.Pretty In Pink featuring Molly Ringwald in the ultimate satin number.

4.Prom Night. Spoof antics.

5. Twilight- Proms , romance and vampires. What’s not to like!

6.High School Musical. The tweenie movie that was never out of the DVD player in our house when the kids were young and now gets watched semi-ironically when there are a group of teenage pals around.

7. Mean Girls. Great movie all round and the prom scene is one of the key scenes in the film.

8. Romy And Michelle’s High School Re union. I guess a high school re-union is not strictly a prom but its got Phoebe from Friends in it!

9. American Pie- even lad’s gross out comedy movies have prom night scenes.

10. Its a Wonderful Life. The classic 1940’s Christmas movie features a memorable scene at a school prom where the jitterbugging couple get separated by a moving dance floor (moving over a swimming pool that is!)

So these are Live Music Managements top ten school prom movies. Hope some of yours were included. Please feel free to add some suggestions and if you are planning a school prom in the UK please call our friendly team on 08454 900515 or just drop us an email


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