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The Australian Bush Fire Appeal-Shepherds Bush Walkabout

Rick Baines March 19, 2009 Comments Off on The Australian Bush Fire Appeal-Shepherds Bush Walkabout
LMM Head Honcho Timbo At Shepherds Bush Walkabout Bush Fire Appeal

LMM have always had a close relationship with Australia.

The founder of LMM, Tim, grew up on the Gold Coast and first arrived in the UK 13 years ago where he played piano and sang in the first Walkabout Australian Theme Bar. Since then LMM has been the first port of call for Australian musicians when they arrive in the UK.

Besides booking some of Australia’s biggest names into intimate UK gigs in the Walkabouts (Grimspoon, Inxs, Ash Grunwald, Jenny Morris, Regurgitator, John Stevens, Rolf Harris,Mental As Anything and Kevin Bloody Wilson are amongst the acts to have played Shepherds Bush Walkabout over the years) LMM has become the home for the best Australian party bands, solos, duos and DJ’s.

When we saw the news about the terrible fires in Australia we knew our acts would expect LMM to organise a fund raiser. Indeed Brendan from the great party band and Rockaoke Act was on the phone within hours of the news breaking suggesting we do an all day charity event.

On March 7 Shepherds Bush Walkabout was the venue for six live party rock bands, three DJ’s and three solo/duos. The event started at 10am and finished at 2am on Sunday. Due to the efforts of the whole team at Shepherds Bush Walkabout and the co promoter , Top Deck , we had 2500 people through the doors for a mammoth session of music and we raised £25,015.59   (over 50k OZ Dollars.) which is pretty astounding for one London pub on one day.

DJ Deano Sings With Bigdog At AustralianThe Bush Fire Appeal Fundraiser

All the acts gave their services for free and played fantastic party sets which kept the crowd entertained throughout the day and into the night.

The full line up on the day was



Electric Mayhem

Plan B

The Bondi Beach Bums

The Hi Fidels

Platform Six

My Usual Madness

Lawrence Carmicheal

Kahl Meisenhelter

DJ Dean Courtney

DJ Yax Dog

The commemorative tour T-Shirt with the acts names on it sold out early in the day.

The North Kensington and Hammersmith Fire Brigade were outside the venue and Channel Nine from Australia sent over loads of footage for us to play all through the day .The Today Show recorded an intro especially for the venue which was played just before each auction.

LMM would like to thank the generosity of our acts who gave their services for free on the day .Although many of them had other shows in the evening they all played their hearts out and the 2,500 people who attended the  day all had a great time. We would also like to thank the generosity of the Australians, Kiwis and Londoners who supported the Shepherds Bush Walkabout Bush Fire Appeal. Finally a special thanks to Adam the manager of the Walkabout who worked really hard to make the event happen and to James Ridley the LMM sound engineer on the day who helped make the bands sound so great.

LMM Director Timbo (in the Hat) Thanks Our Party Bands And DJs From The Stage At The Walkabout Bush Fire Appeal

If you would like to read a personal account of the events behind the Walkabout event please see Brendan from Bigdogs moving post on our artistes blog.

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