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Summer Party Entertainment

Rick June 15, 2016 Comments Off on Summer Party Entertainment
Weekend weddings
Weekend weddings

Weekend weddings

My weather expert neighbour assures me that the current rain is going to pass and there will be at least a few weekends of fine weather over the coming months and despite the terrible weather last weekend we thought , optimistically , we would blog about summer party entertainment.

There’s nothing quite like a long hot day in the sun with a select group of pals , some refreshing pims or cold beers and great music. Many Live Music Managements acts have bookings over June , July and August that are afternoon or early evening events and when the sun shines these really are magical gigs.

Treacle , who are one of the UK’s finest party bands , will begin their annual Big Top circus tour in July. It takes in locations throughout the UK at Park Resorts holiday centres where guests are treated to a festival style afternoon of circus acts and fun party music from Treacle.

Bloxed Beatbox Collective are touring Park Resorts holiday parks with our stilt drummers and the slide festival which will culminate in an attempt to break the Guinness world record for the longest slide!

Many other acts are playing daytime garden parties or daytime events at weddings where the plan is to hold the party outside if the weather is okay.

Lots of acts are more than happy to play outdoors but there are a couple of tips we would suggest if you are planning summer party entertainment.

1.Make sure you have shelter available in case there is rain. (Recently we booked a jazz band into a garden party and the client was astonished that the double bass players bass was held together by water based glue…….and was worth £5,000! Understandably he needed a gazebo to play under in case it rained.

2.Think about the power situation. We supply a number of acts to events outside Wembley Stadium in areas where there is no power. They bring battery powered amps or play acoustically. Will your party need a generator or can you run power to the stage?

3.Think about the noise. Amplified music can travel quite a distance outdoors. Either check with the neighbourhood that this is okay or use acoustic musicians who will be much quieter.

4. Think about the cut off time. We recently supplied a fabulous party with a great band. The party started in the late afternoon but we had a clause in the contract to suggest that the band would continue into late evening if the party carried on…….it did carry on and the band had an agreed fee for playing later. By pre planning it saved any negotiation on the day and it also meant that the band didn’t take another booking in the late evening.

Summer party entertainment is available from Live Music Management and you can reach the office on 08454 900515 or simply email info@lmmuk.com




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