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Small Bands For Parties

Rick Baines January 21, 2014 Comments Off on Small Bands For Parties

On an almost daily basis the entertainment agents at Live Music Management will get asked about supplying small bands for parties. Very often clients are worried about the amount of space available for the band to set up in or that a small party will be overpowered by a large band. Increasingly they are looking to ensure best value by booking fewer musicians for their event.

There are a number of small bands for parties that duplicate the sound of a much larger band. Live Music Management are not big advocates of acts where much of the backing is on track. There certainly are many acts out there that are glorified karaoke and we are not a fan of this and so you will find most of our live acts are exactly this ie. live acts. What we do offer are a number of three piece bands consisting of drums , guitar and bass that have the classic power trio sound and are the equal of many bands with larger line ups. Take a look at acts like Lucas , The Hi Fidels , Shakeout ,  Union Jack and Go Commando  for great examples of the very best power trio’s in the UK. These are bands that do not use backing tracks (or use very minimal backing tracks) but are exceptional musicians and singers and create a full , party sound.

There are also even smaller acts to consider for parties . Solo’s and duos who play instruments but also use backing tracks to duplicate the sound of a full band. Acts like The Generation Duo , Front Cover , Alex Guitar and Voice , Check Mate and others are lively enough to rock a five hundred capacity bar full of students and are also perfect for weddings and parties where space is at a premium.

If you are holding your wedding or birthday party , corporate event or brand launch in a boutique hotel or restaurant then it may well be worth considering one of our great power duos as seen in the video above. They can perform at a reasonable volume (not dictated by the minimum volume of the drums) and can get an audience on the dance floor without any problems.

If you are looking for small bands for parties then please browse the main website or call 08454 900515 or  for the best suggestions for your event.

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