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Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp

Rick May 29, 2015 Comments Off on Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp
rock n roll fantasy camp

I was watching an old episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets to unleash his inner rock n roll star at a rock n roll fantasy camp. In the cartoon it really is a fantasy camp as Keef and Mick from The Rolling Stones are the key workers , Elvis Costello mans the musical equipment hire desk , Tom Petty takes the song writing class and other key rock n rollers are on hand to help Springfield’s finest.

Live Music Management can’t offer these high end rock n roll stars for your rock n roll fantasy camp but we can help.

Our Live Karaoke Bands have performed at many corporate events and private parties where guest singers have been able to enjoy a moment of rock n roll stardom which will stay with them forever. Recently One Night Standeoke , one of the UK’s very first Rockaoke bands , performed at a stag party. The Groom to be was a huge Queen fan. He was sat in a restaurant with his closest fans when they handed him a blind fold and asked him to trust in their good natures. He was then led from the restaurant into his own apartment where One Night Standeoke Rockaoke band were set up and ready to play. His blind fold was whipped off as he was placed in front of the microphone and for the next ten minutes it was Queen greatest hits with the Groom on lead vocals!! Apparently it was the best night of his life (wedding night aside!)

Live Music Management have also arranged a number of work shop days where the rock n roll fantasy camp is extended to cover the day with vocal lessons, guitar and drum tuition (to brush up on existing skills or learn a simple piece) followed by an evening performance in front of the co- workers and colleagues. The rock n roll fantasy camp comes alive with the help of the UK’s best Bandeoke and live band karaoke bands ready to party like there is no tomorrow.

For further details please call the LMM office on 08454 900515 and speak to one of the events team.

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