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Planning A Back Yard Festival

Rick June 24, 2016 Comments Off on Planning A Back Yard Festival
Planning A Back Yard Festival
Planning A Back Yard Festival

Planning A Back Yard Festival

On the weekend of the wettest Glastonbury on record Live Music Management offer you this light hearted look at planning a back yard festival.

  1. Make sure you have the right permissions. If you are lucky enough to live miles away from the closest house remember that music tends to travel a long way when there are only fields between you and your neighbours. In a built up area music doesn’t travel so far and it may be easy to warn the neighbours of the impending set by your favourite death metal band.
  2. You need power to run a festival. It can be a little embarrassing if the headliners blow your fusebox with their enormous PA. As a simple rule always run separate extension cables from different plug sockets for the lights and another one for the PA and amps. If using a generator get in a pro hire company as they will advise how big the generator needs to be (and how much noise it makes as you don’t want your favourite harp and vocal folk act overshadowed by an industrial generator.)
  3. Bands and DJs demand riders. You are probably going to need to feed and water them. A little bit of pampering goes a long way.
  4. Build a stage. This is something your Dad/Uncle/Sister in Law who loves DIY can probably knock up with six pallets and a bit of plywood.
  5. Everybody loves a wrist band. It’s not a festival if you don’t issue all attendees with a wrist band.
  6. Back stage. You need a different wrist band to get back stage. Issue a special wrist band to the select few allowed to mingle with the acts and access the riders.
  7. Multiple acts make it a festival. It isn’t really Glastonbury/Latitude/Green Man unless there are multi genre acts coming on and delighting/confusing the guests. Be brave. Stick on that Peruvian Nose flute player right after your mates 90s techno DJ set and before the neighbours confessional indie . There should be something for everyone.
  8. Food should be wood fired. If it can’t be wood fired it should be vaguely organic .
  9. Toilets should be disgusting but with the opportunity to upgrade (at a price.)

There should be distractions from the music. Someone needs to miss the headline act because they were having their face painted or got way laid watching a didge player.

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