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Planning A Ceilidh Wedding? This Is Essential Info.

Rick November 3, 2016 Comments Off on Planning A Ceilidh Wedding? This Is Essential Info.
Irish Wedding Band
Ceilidh Wedding Band

Ceilidh Wedding Band

We recently asked Ceilihouse for some info about a potential wedding booking for a Ceilidh Wedding. If you are planning a ceilidh wedding this is essential info provided by an expert from a busy Irish/ Scottish wedding band http://www.lmmuk.co.uk/band/Ceilihouse

Ceili dancing as understood by the majority is all the same, call it a barndance, ceili(irish spelling) ceilidh(Scottish spelling) or square dance(American). With the caller I work with he can do a whole range of dances from UK, ireland, USA etc.

If asked specifically for an irish ceili, then they might want a specific set of dances all of which we can do & likewise with Scottish, but to be honest very few enquiries I have even had for a ceili actually realy understand exactly what they as asking for when they say Irish or Scottish. I did a wedding many years back where they were adamant they wanted certain scottish country dances. We turned up prepared & tried to do them but 99% of the guest couldn’t do them, cos they were too hard, ie they required certain more specialised footwork etc. So most people just want ordinary dances which are relatively simple, some of which have Scots or Irish names eg Bridge of Athlone( irish) or Gay Gordons(Scottish) but these are dead simple. The real specialised Scottish or Irish ceili dances require you to have some training/background, so they tend not to get used very often at a general ceili. I sometime play for Irish set dancing etc, in which case they would do some of these complicated dances, which is fine, cos they understand & know the dances.

 We play predominately Irish tunes, but can play some Scottish etc. We potentialy could also do a range of songs, but when I get asked by clients for weddings etc the customers tend to be thinking of the well known Irish Pub songs typically sung by bands such as the Dubliner etc Songs like, Wild Rover, Black velvet Band, Whisky in the Jar, tell me Ma etc.  If a wedding band with the right singer is booked then these can be played as well.


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