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Osea Island Exclusive Party Destination

Rick July 4, 2014 Comments Off on Osea Island Exclusive Party Destination
Osea Island
Exlusive Party Island

Exlusive Party Island

Live Music Management are always interested in the latest exclusive places to hang out and party. We have booked live entertainment in the form of party bands and DJs into many of the UK’s top venues and celeb haunts. There is, however , one location so exclusive that even our party team had to look it up on the map when it was mentioned in a recent meeting.

Osea Island exclusive party destination.

At first we thought it was  out in the Bahamas or possibly the Hamptons , maybe it was one of the Islands somewhere around Thailand or in the Caribbean. We had to do a double take when we found out that the hottest new party spot  was a little known private island called Osea which is situated near Maldon in the middle of Essex’s Blackwater Estuary!

The 400 acre island is owned by Nigel Frieda a  well known record producer who is also the brother of hairdresser John Frieda. The island has a great recording studio which has been used by the likes of McFly , Jesse J and Tinie Tempah but it is the exclusive parties which have made Osea Island the number one party destination for London’s in crowd. Entry to these parties is by invitation only and can cost as much as £7,500 per night. The attendees are generally the elite of London’s twenty something wealthy in crowd.

Getting onto the 400 acre island is a bit of a chore (even after you have secured an exclusive invite) as it is only accessible for a few hours per day via the Roman built causeway. At other times the party goers need to travel by boat or helicopter. But this doesn’t seem to put off the likes of Sienna Miller ,Razorlight’s Johnny Burrell and young members of the British aristocracy who are attracted to the parties and events held by London promoter Eazy Bailey. Many of the guests have young families and the parties appeal to the IT crowd who want to hang out and party in a chilled environment.

Live Music Management were excited to read about Osea Island which sounds like a real fun place to be and we hope that sooner or later one of our acts get the opportunity to perform there. How about booking a live karaoke band for your Osea Island hen party? We await your call!!


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