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Organising A House Concert

Rick Baines March 7, 2014 Comments Off on Organising A House Concert

One of the fantastic underground ideas within the folk and acoustic music scene is the house concert. A house concert is simply a gig which is held in someone’s home or private space and is by invitation only. A house concert offers an intimate and unique atmosphere for a gig and is a trend that is moving rapidly into the mainstream with pop bands and party acts extending this experience way beyond it’s folk scene roots.

When Sheffield based chart act Reverend And The Makers launched their recent album they did so with a series of front room concerts chosen by lottery. The concerts afforded the band an intimate tour in front of staunch supporters and the attention of the press , particularly at grassroots level where local papers reported extensively on “Top Hit Band Plays Students Front Room” style stories.

It may not be possible to book an act with several hit records under their belt but anyone can organise a house concert.

Ideally you want a space large enough to accommodate twenty or thirty people . Artists gigging on the folk scene often suggest a cover charge of £10 to £15. They will set a guarantee on the night (ie the fee that you need to pay them against door take) and the ticket prices can be set against this. On the folk scene it is common practice that the acts play totally without amplification which harks back to the fabulous folk clubs held in small back rooms of public houses many of which have disappeared over the years. Indeed I grew up in such a pub where acts would travel far and wide to perform in a small back room and the inclusion of a PA system was met with despair by the hard liners amongst the folk fraternity.

For the party person organising a house concert makes total sense with the cost of the act often being met by a ticket charge levied to friends and family. Live Music Management have supplied everything from solo singers playing pop tunes on acoustic guitars through to Rockaoke Karaoke Bands playing fully live sets with PA systems in larger residences. Many of our acts have a great deal of experience of this type of event from their time spent playing in ski resorts where the well organised chalet party has become a valued side line for the bands playing in the Alps. Jazz and swing bands also make an appearance on this scene with dates in peoples front rooms becoming more common.

Organising a house concert provides a unique experience for band and audience alike and , obviously, cuts down on venue hire charges , drink prices at bars etc etc. We would however ask one thing. Please check with the neighbours first!

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