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What Makes A Good Wedding Band?

Rick March 14, 2018 Comments Off on What Makes A Good Wedding Band?
what makes a wedding band
what makes a wedding band

wedding band

Live Music Management have been supplying live acts to weddings for twenty years so when a pal asked us , “What makes a good wedding band?” we felt qualified to answer with confidence.

1.Great musicianship

2.A singer who reads a crowd , works a crowd and can sing a wide range of material with style and charisma.

3. A set list built to satisfy an audience which might range from stroppy , too cool for school teenagers through to grand parents who last threw a shape on the dance floor back in the 1960’s.

4. An ability to change things around mid set if the set isn’t working. (Some thick skinned musicians will plough on regardless even as the venue empties whereas a great wedding band will recognise the need for change and not be scared to move off script to get the audience involved.)

5.Reliability and punctuality.

6. Good quality musical equipment from PA system to amps and guitars . Decent quality stage lighting . Reliable transport.

7.Public Liability Insurance and PAT certificates for electric gear (which most wedding venues require.)

8.An ability to DJ between sets and the skill sets to put together playlists which will suit the audience.

9. A professional attitude and willingness to deal with any issues that may arise on the night (the last thing a couple want on their wedding day is to deal with a singer with an ego who won’t get changed in a room because it is too cold or gets the strop on because the load into the venue is further than they thought it would be!)

10. Our final point about what makes a good wedding band? They have to be people you would be happy to have at your wedding. They are going to be there in a professional capacity but they are a major part of the evening. They will be in the wedding photo’s and video. They will possibly end up chatting to your Grandad or Uncle Geoff who spent thirty years in the RAF. They have to be nice sociable people.

Live Music Management can help with all of this as our wedding bands tick all those boxes above. That’s why we work with them. Let us work with you to make your wedding the best that it can be. Our number is 08454 900515 and our email address is info@lmmuk.com

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