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How To Become A DJ

Rick Baines November 13, 2013 Comments Off on How To Become A DJ

How to become a DJ

How to become a DJ?

I will start this blog with a little disclaimer and explanation. There are many different types of DJs from party DJs to producer DJs , mixologists who play specialised music through to radio presenters etc etc . The list goes on and on.

With the exception of those creatives whose ambition is to produce new music I would suggest that the following advise holds for all types of DJ from the humble wedding DJ through to the nightclub jock but bare in mind that I am writing from the perspective of an entertainment agent who books , primarily, commercial DJs who play mainstream music sets whether they be chart , cheese or dance music orientated (or more often than not a mix of all three!)

My number one piece of advise for anyone wondering how to become a DJ would be to get experience.

It goes without saying that you should practice all the associated skills in the privacy of your bedroom or garage and that you should become competent in mixing , beat matching , mic work , controlling a sound desk and get a feel for what songs to play at what time. It is only when these skills are taken out of the bedroom and onto the dance floor that you will begin to gain the skills to become a proper DJ.

If you want to become a party DJ or nightclub DJ then call Live Music Management and offer to shadow one of our DJs. You would be surprised how few times this happens and yet when an eager young DJ does call the office we can place him with a mentor who will almost certainly be able to pass on some secrets of the trade. The very best experience is gained by shadowing a DJ who is in demand. Try and learn from the best.

If you fancy the idea of playing at weddings and parties then find out who the best wedding DJ in the area is (you can find out by calling some local wedding venues or checking out reviews.) Call up the DJ himself and ask if you can spend the occasional night watching him , offer to help him carry his gear into the venue and to pack down. Tell him you want to learn from him as you have heard that he is good. Tell him that eventually you would hope to be good enough to cover him in the event of an emergency or if he has offers of work that he cant fulfil.

The same applies to radio presenting work. Ask around at hospital radio or community radio and find out who the best local DJ is and then approach him to try and shadow them.

In all of these circumstances you are getting the opportunity to learn how to become a DJ from someone who has experience and also putting yourself in a place where you will get the opportunity to have a go yourself and be recognised as a talented up and coming DJ.

Besides the above you should be getting as many gigs under your belt as possible. Experience is the key word when thinking how to become a DJ.

This blog was written by one of the reps at Live Music Management who are one of the UK’s leading DJ Agencies.





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