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What To Look For When Hiring A Band

Rick December 7, 2015 Comments Off on What To Look For When Hiring A Band
what to look for when hiring a band
what to look for when hiring a band

what to look for when hiring a band

What to look for when hiring a band?

Unless you are an events professional , a wedding planner or venue booker than in all likelihood booking a band will be a once in a lifetime experience. Live music is chosen by an increasing number of people for those landmark events in life. A great wedding band to ensure that a wedding reception has a great atmosphere or a function band for a significant birthday party such as a twenty first or a fiftieth birthday. Live Music Management are the UK’s leading entertainment agency representing live acts throughout the UK to suit all styles of event and all budgets. Here is our list of the top ten things to  look for when hiring a band.

  1. Consider the tastes of all the guests at your event when choosing a band. Look at the bands set list , this is the list of songs that the band can play , are there songs on this list which would suit everyone from the oldest to the youngest guest?
  2. A recommendation from a trusted friend is great but don’t be blinkered by this. In all likelihood your pal isn’t an events professional either and there may be better suited bands available that they don’t know of.
  3. Closely look at video of the band and listen to sound files. They certainly help to eliminate unsuitable acts but don’t always tell the full story. Some “live” videos are mimed to professional recordings. We know of one unscrupulous agency that mass produce sound and pass it off as the soundtrack to a video from a totally unrelated act!
  4. Ask for some recommendation emails or check out the testimonials on a bands site. Ask how often the band play. Do they play regularly enough to be tight outfit.
  5. If you are hiring a public venue the band will almost certainly need public liability insurance and PAT certificates for their electrical equipment. Check if they have this.
  6. Ask if the band have “dep” players in case of sickness or last minute emergencies.
  7. Does the band have a “back up plan” if they have to cancel the event? A reputable agency like Live Music Management will be able to help find a suitable replacement act in the case of emergencies.
  8. How will the event be contracted and how will any deposits be held? Live Music Management are members of the UK Agents Association which is the body upholding standards for the UK entertainment industry. Live Music Management issue contracts agreed by UK law and hold all deposits in a client account for safe keeping until after the event.
  9. If the event is some way into the future (it’s not uncommon for live bands to be booked twelve months or more in advance) ask how long the act has been together. You would be right to be nervous if a band has only been together a month or two but your event is in eighteen months time.
  10. Ask if the band ever play any public shows. Not all function bands do play public shows but seeing a band live is a great way of finding out if they are suitable for your event. If they don’t play public live shows don’t worry but pay even more attention to their video!

Live Music Management are happy to offer advise and information about what to look for when hiring a band please just call 08454 900515 or email





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