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This Is Why You Need To Hire A DJ

Rick January 8, 2016 Comments Off on This Is Why You Need To Hire A DJ
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Over the Christmas period a good friend of mine asked my advise about hiring a DJ for his daughters twenty first birthday party. I suggested that he bypass the venues DJ who appeared to be someone they brought in on the rare occasions they hosted a private party. I certainly wasn’t confident that he worked enough to have a handle on dance floor filling tracks for a discerning audience of eighteen to twenty two year olds. He also didn’t appear to know exactly what would work for the older crowd present. Even harder would be the job of keeping both parties happy for a four hour period.

I recommended a really good DJ called Johnny Gibson who works for Live Music Management in several club night residencies per week. Johnny began his career working weddings and parties and can fit in with an older crowd but , more importantly , Johnny knows the young audience , their likes and dislikes. He also works regularly on student nights and knows that songs come and go very quickly for this age group.

My pal is very knowledgeable about music and prides himself on keeping abreast of current music trends. His music knowledge by far exceeds that of most fifty something’s and he was confident that he knew enough to request a tune which would work for all parties. Up he trotted and requested Daft Punks “Get Lucky” which is  a fantastic , funky tune. The minute the DJ played it everyone under the age of twenty five walked off the dance floor.

This is why you need to hire a DJ and by that I mean a proper , working DJ who knows his audience. My pal was amazed that “Get Lucky” which set the dance floor alight in 2013 could polarise an audience in 2015. I probably would have made the same mistake. Neither of us DJ five nights per week and see the bangers ( bangers is the name given to dance floor fillers by the young folks at present!) come and go.

It’s easy to put some tunes on. The current technology even mixes them for you. It’s way harder to ensure the tracks you put on keep people on the dance floor. If the audience is young then it’s even harder.

My pal watched the DJ most of the night. He was astounded how many tracks he played , mixing from one song to the next , quickly cutting off a tune before it out stayed it’s welcome, shouting out to encourage the crowd , getting a full dance floor to sing along to a Beyoncé song. Finishing the night with a massive Frozen sing a long.

When he called me to thank LMM for supplying the DJ he simply said , “This is why you need to hire a DJ…… it’s a pro job.”

If you need a DJ for an event , a wedding or party then call our helpline on 08454 900515 or email info@lmmuk.com

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