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Guilty Pleasures Band

Rick May 23, 2014 Comments Off on Guilty Pleasures Band
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guilty pleasures band

guilty pleasures band

The definition of a guilty pleasure is ,in essence , something that you enjoy which , deep down , you know you shouldn’t be enjoying. When Sean Rowley first applied this concept to music with a strand on his BBC Radio London show there was still a “pre ipod shuffle” notion of cool and credible music as opposed to slightly naff (but also brilliant ) tunes. The original guilty pleasures concept rescued tracks like ELO’s “Mr Blue Sky” and Hall And Oates “Maneater” from AOR/Radio Two hell and rediscovered them for the post punk generation who had secretly liked them but were too afraid to say so when they first charted.

The key part of that last sentence is “when they first charted.”

These “guilty pleasures” songs have always been popular. They have been loved , with no notion of embarrassment, by large numbers of people who are not aware that it is naff to like something not endorsed by the NME. The concept of guilty pleasures only comes into play when the audience that is hearing the songs have enough self awareness , and enough of a notion about what is considered cool by tastemakers, to apply an ironic detachment to the songs and to think of them as guilty pleasures.

Context plays a big part in this.

If you look at the playlist at the guilty pleasures night in Koko it plays a very similar tune to the playlist in almost any retro party bar in the UK and yet the people attending would not be seen dead in a Popworld , Rewind or a Flares.

So where does this leave Live Music Management party bands ? Live Music Management have a number of wedding bands who could easily be described as a guilty pleasure band. They are unashamedly pop and play the biggest party anthems. Many of them would also be aware of the existence of bands on the lower bills of festivals. They are a guilty pleasures band operating in a world without guilt!

Check out the Ipod playlist of the majority of teenagers and there will be a bewildering array of styles of music on display. The so called cool of whatever is the hippest new band of the moment (Parquet Courts? The Foals? Everything Everything? The Horrors?) will sit alongside the urban hip (Kendrick Lamarr? Drake? ) and alongside the esoteric (Handsome Family? The Jayhawks? ) and there amongst them all will be tunes by Queen , Wham , ABBA , Stock, Aitken and Waterman , Miley Cyrus , The Jonas Brothers and The Backstreet Boys. We live in a world where the concept of guilty pleasures is no longer meaningful but if you are looking for a band that plays your favourite tunes to dance to and sing a long to then Live Music Management have a guilty pleasures band for you. You’ve just got to pick up the phone and call 08454 900515 or email info@lmmuk.com  and we will point you in the direction of the right guilty pleasures band for you.

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