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Want To Get More Gigs?

Rick June 17, 2016 Comments Off on Want To Get More Gigs?
Get More Gigs
Get More Gigs

Get More Gigs

What’s the key secret to getting gigs? Want to get more gigs? Want to know what clients ask a major entertainment agency like Live Music Management when they are considering which live act to book for their event , party or wedding?

The main thing that sells a band is a good quality live video.

Its the one thing that even the clients who have been with us the longest will ask about. They trust our judgement . They know that we always supply the right act at the right price. They know that we are music experts who will point them in the direction of the wow factor band that will rock their party….but they like to see a video before booking if at all possible and if given the choice between two bands , one with video and one without video , then they will choose the band they can see at the click of a mouse.

Despite this we still have some bands that have no video. We have some great bands that we have to sell without any live footage. We have to say , “trust us this is a great party band, ” and nine times out of ten the client will trust us because they know of our reputation for high quality live acts at good prices……but the canny band knows that a good quality live video will sell them quicker than a thousand words and this is why we are happy to endorse a video production company.

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