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How To Get More Gigs

Rick April 28, 2015 Comments Off on How To Get More Gigs
How to get more gigs
How to get more gigs

How to get more gigs

There is no doubt that the past ten years have seen some seismic shifts in the variety of paid gigs available for jobbing function bands. Some of the pub level shows have disappeared as the pub and club market continue to be hit by the recession and peoples social habits. Some of the High Street chains like O’ Neils and Chicago Rock Café have moved away from live music ( in O’Neils case to a more food led offer.)

However there is some good news as The Walkabout chain (which Live Music Management book acts into) continues to book  live music and looks for entertainment driven ideas to attract new customers.

Here are our top tips on how to get more gigs .

1. The trick for a function band that wants to work continuously is to appeal to a variety of market places with a wide set list.

2. Consider whether there is a theme act within your existing line up. This could be an acoustic busking act , a jazz band or a tribute act so long as it is something you can do well and would enjoy doing.

3. Be flexible on price.

4. Offer stripped down versions of your band in order to offer even more flexibility on fee. Some very successful acts offer duo versions of their bands now with backing tracks in order to play parties , weddings and venues with lower budgets or space restrictions.

5. Get access to electronic drums! A growing number of venues are having noise restrictions placed on them and the access to electronic drums for these venues will put you at the front of the queue for these gigs.

6.If you are a Live Music Management band then make sure your calendar on our website is kept up to date.

7. Always get testimonials from happy clients added to your page on the Live Music Management website.

8. Invest in quality video

9. Keep your set list up to date with the biggest new tunes and ensure these are added to your profile.

10. Be prepared to travel! It has often been said that being a musician is rather like being a long distance lorry driver who plays a bit of music for pleasure. This has never been truer than in 2015 when it is almost essential to travel in order to get quality paid gigs.

We hope this guide to how to get more gigs has been useful. Should you need more info please drop us an email at info@lmmuk.com  . This is also the place where you should send information about your band if you want to join the Live Music Management roster.

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