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EU To Ban Continuous Music

Rick April 1, 2016 Comments Off on EU To Ban Continuous Music
EU Ban On Continuous Music
EU Ban On Continuous Music

EU Ban On Continuous Music

Shocking news from Brussels today with a new directive that could have serious implications for the DJ industry and night time economy in general.

Directive 7427 places a direct ban on the playing for continuous music for fifteen minutes or more in a night club , party bar or music venue. It also places restrictions on repetitive beats allowing only five minutes of music with the same BPM.

A Brussels spokesperson stated that the law was to be passed in order to control the atmosphere in venues where reasonably large gatherings of people were present. It was also intended to “protect peoples ears.” It is understood that smaller public places where music is played such as hairdressers , haberdashery stores and clothes shops will not be affected which may lead to break out club nights appearing in this style of venue for a select number of party goers.

The Brussels spokesperson went on to say . “It is a commonly acknowledged scientific fact , with considerable empirical evidence to support it , that continuous music hypes people into a state of uncontrolled bliss often accompanied by dancing . Whilst we are not against people having fun we feel  people will benefit from a pause in the music to consider their actions before the next song.”

It is suggested that DJs will be able to fill the space in the music with old school shout outs such as “Happy Birthday Kylie, ” “Oy Oy this one goes out to the Oldham massive, ” and the old favourite “scream if you were born in the 00’s.”

Clint Boomer , Chairman Of The UK Federation Of DJ’s gave his thoughts on the directive at an early morning press conference. As he sipped Red Bull he gave the following statement .” Many DJ insiders believe this is a protectionist move by the German government. Whilst Holland has produced Tiesto , France has David Guetta and the UK has Calvin Harris there have been fewer notable German DJ’s achieving global recognition. This is believed to be because the average German DJ couldn’t mix a pudding.”

Whilst some would dispute this there are very few DJs who will not be affected by this ban if it becomes law next April 1.

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