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Competitively Priced Wedding Bands

Rick April 14, 2015 Comments Off on Competitively Priced Wedding Bands
wedding bands
wedding bands

wedding bands

Todays blog is about competitively priced wedding bands. Live entertainment for weddings at an affordable price.

Of course there will always be different thoughts about what makes an act competitively priced. Even when comparing like for like (say a five piece band with a female singer against another band with the same line up) there is always going to be an element of subjectivity. Not all bands are alike even if they have the same line up. One act may have top session players who are in demand to play with name acts and the other may be just have graduated from music college. One of the bands may have a jam packed diary and the other just a handful of gigs.

For Live Music Management competitively priced wedding bands means ensuring that the band is priced according to their worth. The price needs to offer value to the client and a decent wage for the act.

For the continued success of a professional live music circuit in the UK there has to be a fee that enables the musicians to be paid for their work. No one would expect a plumber or lawyer or other professional to provide their services free of charge. Quality musicianship requires years of training , music lessons , dedication and hard work.

On top of the years of practise (and the practise room costs associated with this)  the equipment required to put a band on the road at a professional level is not cheap. Guitars , drums , keyboards and amplifiers can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds. A decent PA system of the kind required to play at a wedding with around one hundred guests will cost several thousand pounds. Transportation to get to gigs needs to be covered and many wedding bands need vans in order to carry their gear.

Finally bands need to have insurance and PAT certificates for their equipment and these cost money. Most wedding venues will not allow a party band to perform without the right insurance cover.

As mentioned above Live Music Management believe in competitively priced wedding bands. The bands we work with are available at the right fee and we will usually offer a client a range of cost options for a wedding. Sometimes we will recommend a lower priced band over the act that the client was initially interested in as we will know the right act location and if a date would suit a particular bands diary. Our focus will always be on value for money as we want our clients to feel they have received the best information about various options for a wedding date.

If you need information about competitively priced wedding bands for your big day then please call 08454 900515 or email for details.


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