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Christmas Jumper Party

Rick Baines December 20, 2013 Comments Off on Christmas Jumper Party

It’s not often that an item of clothing becomes so iconic and ubiquitous that a whole party theme can be built around it. Sure there are masquerade balls and fancy dress parties , occasionally someone might throw a onesie party but a Christmas jumper party? That’s a whole new thing!

As my kids set off to dress down Friday at school today they, along with many of their mates , were rocking Christmas jumpers. There was no shame! Indeed this item of clothing has gone from naff to cool in the wink of an eye. As recently as 2001 ,when the first Bridget Jones movie came out , a key scene in that film featured Colin Firths character wearing a Xmas jumper without any pride. Fast forward to the present day and his cheesey jumper would be seen as the height of ironic cool.

Tonight Live Music Management will be supplying  entertainment to several venues hosting Christmas Jumper Parties. Reading Walkabout is holding a fantastic Christmas Jumper Party with some live acoustic music from Caddy Cooper followed by DJ Wixxy on the decks. Walkabout in Leicester will be having a similar evening of fun with Ben playing acoustic covers for the early evening crowd and DJ Paul Davies playing all the top party tunes later in the evening.

Our Mad Friday events begin in earnest this afternoon and there will be many Christmas Jumper wearers at the majority of them. The days of the totally awful Christmas Jumper seem to be behind us with likes of Top Shop and Primark offering nicely ironic jumpers ready for the festive season and we would expect todays Christmas Jumper Parties to be full of glamorous people wearing nice jumpers (rather like the video for Whams Last Christmas ) rather than people wearing misshaped , baggy jumpers knitted by Auntie Doris. Either way we hope todays events are wonderful , festive affairs and that everyone has a great time. Take it easy, drink responsibly and enjoy the great music on offer and the amazing atmosphere that comes with knowing that work/school/college is over the Christmas period and that Christmas is here.


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