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Chinese Musicians In London

Rick December 6, 2016 Comments Off on Chinese Musicians In London
Chinese Musicians For Hire In The UK
Chinese Musicians For Hire In The UK

Chinese Musicians For Hire In The UK

There are a growing number of events in the UK aimed at a Chinese audience. There has been a considerable growth in the number of Chinese businesses investing in the UK. In 2014 alone there was more than £8 billion invested by the Chinese in UK industry.

Traditional Chinese musicians can be a great ice breaker for a Chinese business audience showing an understanding and respect for the culture of China.

Live Music Management have a number of Chinese musicians in London and other parts of the UK and our Chinese musicians for hire are of a very high quality and include graduates from Central Conservatory of Music – Beijing and Sichuan conservatory of Music – China.

Live Music Management can offer advise on what line ups to hire for an event in the UK and below we offer a simple guide to the main traditional instruments.

Traditional Chinese instruments include the following

The Erhu , which is a two string Chinese violin sometimes known as a Chinese two string fiddle. It has a calming sound and can be used solo and in combination with other instruments in ensembles or orchestra’s. It is used in both classical Chinese music and pop music.

The Guzheng is a plucked string instrument also known as The Chinese Zither. The Guzheng has an important place in Chinese history and has been played in China for over 2500 years. It has evolved into a versatile , modern instrument with twenty one steel strings which are plucked using finger picks.

The Dizi is a flute like instrument sometimes known as a bamboo flute (although it is sometimes made of wood or stone.)

The Xiao is another flute style instrument which is made of bamboo and is played by blowing the end .

The Paixiao is a type of pan pipe and another wind instrument used in traditional Chinese music.

Live Music Management are available on 08454 900515 between office hours or by email at if you want further information about Chinese Musicians to hire in the UK.

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