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Can We Have Our Wedding Band Play Outside?

Rick June 18, 2018 Comments Off on Can We Have Our Wedding Band Play Outside?
Booking A Band To Play Outside
Booking A Band To Play Outside

Booking A Band To Play Outside

With the Summer of 2018  looking set to be one of the best Summers for a long time Live Music Management are getting many calls asking “can we have our wedding band play outside?” Todays blog is a helpful list of top tips for anyone planning an alfresco wedding party with live music.

1.Always have a back up plan. As all UK residents know Britain can be sunny in the morning and raining in the afternoon. Do you have the opportunity to move in doors if it rains or have you organised a waterproof marquee or covered area for guests and entertainers.

2. If a wedding band or wedding solo or duo is going to be playing through a PA system it is essential that all electrical equipment should be under cover. A waterproof gazebo or sheltered area should be provided for the live act.

3. If the act is planning on playing acoustically (i.e without the use of any amplification) they may be happy to play in the open . Some acts may even be able to wander around the party playing however please bare in mind that some instruments such as double basses , cello’s , violins etc are very vulnerable to water damage. A musician friend of mine told me an unfortunate story of a £2000 plus double bass that got wet and virtually fell apart due to the fact that the glues holding double basses together are often water based.

4. Some acts are able to provide battery powered amplifiers and PA . These are great for small line ups playing in a place where there is no access to electricity.

5. If a band is playing through a normal PA system with guitar amps , keyboards ,  lighting etc all reliant on a reliable electric source then there are two ways of providing this . It may be that a couple of four way adaptors can be fed down to stage area from a mains plug point or  a suitable sized generator can be provided by a generator company that can advise on the size and type of generator to book. If you are feeding electricity from the mains please ensure that this is protected from damp and does not risk being tripped over by guests etc.

6. Be sure that you have permission to hold an outdoor event. Even if the event is on private land you may need to apply for a license to run the party. You certainly should check with the neighbours that your event will not result in a complaint to the police.

7. You will need public liability insurance. This can be booked for one off events.

8. You need a solid surface for a band with a drum kit and electrical equipment. This also needs to be waterproof …either on a flat piece of ground with tarpaulin or on a stage or concrete base.

9. Be aware that noise can carry a long way outside. Sometimes it carries even further if there are no houses to block it so that field in the middle of nowhere might sound like it is isolated but the noise could carry to a house some distance away.

10. Be sure to order some sunshine (and maybe a band from Live Music Management on 08454 900515.


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