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Booking A DJ With Orchestra

Rick March 23, 2018 Comments Off on Booking A DJ With Orchestra
DJ With Orchestra
DJ With Orchestra

Classical House- DJ With Strings

Booking a DJ with orchestra . One of the joys of being a dance music fan is the never ending evolution of the music. Dance music DJ’s and producers are constantly looking forward , changing beats and tempos , developing new styles and production techniques , introducing new sounds. Therefore it is somewhat surprising that one of the biggest dance music developments  in recent years is the big name DJ or brand looking back with the addition of an orchestra recreating the sounds of dance music for large ticketed events. Booking a DJ with orchestra now seems to be the hottest ticket in town.

The Radio One Ibiza Prom with Pete Tong back in 2015 was the start of a lively trend of dance music / classical crossover concerts. Hacienda Classical and Gatecrasher Classical have both followed this with very successful concert tours. Pete Tong himself is back on the road in 2018 with an orchestra and a classic house music crossover set.

As the followers of the golden age of dance music reach their forties and fifties it is unsurprising that they wish to relive the glory days in the comfort of seated arena’s and concert halls . What might be more of a surprise is the euphoria in the audience at Gatecrasher Classical as Sheffield City Hall rose as one , arms aloft , many wearing the clothes of their clubbing days , some waving glow sticks and relishing in the power of classical strings playing alongside their DJ heroes.

Live Music Management are proud to offer a bespoke House Music DJ with Classical Strings combination available to hire for events , weddings and parties . The DJ can fit with whatever style of music required and the string section can be anywhere from two violins through to a ten piece mini orchestra.

The standard sets include some pop and RnB hits as well as classic dance.Bespoke set lists featuring the strings can be arranged upon request with a budget for arrangements and tracks.

Call Live Music Management on 08454 900515 or email for further details.

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